hello, my name is christina zolotarova and i'm half human / half meringue. kidding, just a regular collage artist and illustrator based in ukraine. i feel like it's easier for me to communicate with images than words, so this little about-me intro is already fcked up, sorry. i've got some published works: collages for vogue magazine and illustrations for some art books. once i won the fashion illustration contest and got the course in ual: as a prize. was cool. oh, i love sausage dogs, good books, tiny white things and hate capital letters. umm, well. i'm open for comissions, collaborations and all kind of visual madness. you can reach me through the form below or find all the other links in contacts. also you can support me on patreon and get some exclusive stuff there. 


please feel free to let me know about your request and i'll get back to you as soon as possible